Music Connection Review of Suzanna Ross at Triad Theater 

“She's played some of the premier New York City clubs... and does so again with class and impeccable taste. If you close your eyes and listen to her vocals, you may think the spirit of Edith Piaf has been awakened…” Ellen Woloshin, MUSIC CONNECTION 

Suzanna Ross has emerged as one of the most versatile jazz vocalists on the scene - Doc Wendell, LA Jazz Scene 

"Don't miss out on this one. Suzanna Ross has emerged as one of the most versatile jazz vocalists on the scene... Ross' vocals are powerful yet tender with a unique, fast vibrato. "My Favorite Things," "Over the Rainbow," and "Mr. Wonderful" have been recorded dozens of times but Ross adds a deeply personal touch that makes these covers unforgettable. Ross' marvelous vocal vibrato makes every nuance special. On Serge Gainsbourg's "C'est petits riens" Ross evokes the spirit of a true French chanteuse... A timeless jazz vocal recording fit for music lovers of all kinds." Doc Wendell, LA Jazz Scene

There is a kind of smooth flowing magic about all these pieces... 

Derek Ansell, reviewer at Jazz Journal, UK, review of Bewitched (Suzanna Ross). "There is a kind of smooth flowing magic about all these pieces... Suzanna has a deceptively simple approach to jazz singing, giving straight readings mainly but employing a method of putting the lyrics across in a story telling fashion.  The nineteen forties movie theme Laura is a standout track with Ms Ross singing it slowly, in melancholy, almost ghostly mood, conjuring up the film atmosphere perfectly. She sings in both English and French on Over The Rainbow but never deviates from a story telling manner. This is a straight ahead, unpretentious set of vocals with rhythm and very enjoyable to listen to." 

"She had me at Bewitched - a true master class in jazz eclecticism." - The JW Vibe 

SUZANNA ROSS Is Bewitched* 

February 25, 2020, Jonathan Widran 

She had me at “Bewitched!” Not the Songbook standard that Suzanna Ross’ clever album title humorously references, but a snappy, sexy and swinging bass-vocal driven twist on the classic TV show theme, little heard lyrics and all...  the proverbial map musical goodies in store over the course of 15 tracks... With Bewitched*, Ross has created not only an engaging debut but a true master class in jazz eclecticism.     

Midwest Record - Knows Her Way Around a World of Songs 

"This jazz vocalist knows her way around a world of songs ....  The debut of a vocalist you’ll love spending some time with, this record finds her nice enough to bring her New York stomping grounds to your ear buds.  A thoroughly enjoyable set." Chris Spector, Midwest Record