Suzanna Ross - Singer

Suzanna Ross sings in New York City at jazz and cabaret venues. She has performed at the Metropolitan Room, Don't Tell Mama, Triad Theater, Pangea, TOMI Jazz, the Jazz Series at the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, and at New Jersey's famed jazz club, Trumpets. Her repertoire includes jazz, French chansons, pop, movie songs and bossa nova. She has been heard on radio stations in the United States,  France, Europe, the UK, Australia, and Africa. On October 24, 2020, Suzanna sang songs from her new CD - Bewitched, Not Bothered, Not Bewildered - on MetropolitanZoom.

"Suzanna Ross' debut album has much sophistication. The inspired range of songs... features not only some of the most glorious American songwriters... but some marvelous French composers and lyricists... one can almost inhale the scent of Gauloises in the air... it appears she has been influenced by Peggy Lee, whose aura is evident in several songs... "My Favorite Things" and "Laura" are both winning presentations... For those who have not heard it performed this way, "L'arc en ciel" is stunning." Jerry Osterberg, CABARET SCENES MAGAZINE

"Amazingly, this is the debut recording for Ross.... she reworks these classics with her incredibly rich and imaginative vision...  puts her versatile pipes to good use. "Haven’t We Met” starts the listen with bright keys in a playful waltz atmosphere as Ross sings with a soaring, expressive delivery... On “Laura”, Ross really gets creative with her art. Late highlights include the bouncy fun of the glorious “Come To Baby, Do!” and the elegant “Over The Rainbow”...  “Live For Life” as Ross exits with a flawless execution and a timeless appeal." Tom Haugen, Take Effect

"Suzanna Ross has emerged as one of the most versatile jazz vocalists on the scene... Ross' vocals are powerful yet tender with a unique, fast vibrato. "My Favorite Things," "Over the Rainbow," and "Mr. Wonderful" have been recorded dozens of times but Ross adds a deeply personal touch that makes these covers unforgettable. Ross' marvelous vocal vibrato makes every nuance special. On "C'est petits riens" Ross evokes the spirit of a true French chanteuse... A timeless jazz vocal recording fit for music lovers of all kinds. Don't miss out on this one." Doc Wendell, LA Jazz Scene

"Song of the Day - Ces petits riens... Suzanna's winning voice and a full-bodied bass to boot," Jazziz Magazine

"Suzanna Ross is heard in winning form through her enjoyable set, an easily recommended CD that gives listeners the perfect opportunity to discover the warm singer... it is difficult not to be impressed by both her inviting voice and her versatility. There are no throwaways on this set... and sings quite effectively in French.Scott Yanow, jazz journalist/historian

"She had me at Bewitched! Not the Songbook standard that Suzanna Ross' clever album title humorously references, but a snappy, sexy, and swinging bass vocal-driven twist on the classic TV show theme, little heard lyrics and all... wonderfully fresh interpretations... not only an engaging debut but a true master class in jazz eclecticism."  Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

"The Female Voice... delicate and bohemian on "Ces petits riens" and "Parlez-moi de lui" while floating richly on Tom Jobim's "Dreamer" for a bit of bossa from Brazil." Most clever is the creamy take of Kenny Rankin's "Haven't We Met," a cute read of the TV show "Bewitched" and a poppish boomer tune out of the close, "There's a Kind of Hush." Clever in spades." George Harris, Jazz Weekly

"...knows her way around a world of songs... The debut of a vocalist you'll love spending some time with, this record finds her nice enough to bring her New York stomping grounds to your ear buds.  A thoroughly enjoyable set." Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"An enthralling collection," Anne Carlini, Exclusive Magazine

"...this kind of vocal jazz puts the "ultra" in "ultra cool." I give Suzanna and all her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating... for this splendid release.  ...fifteen superbly performed jazz vocals Suzanna presents for your jazz joy." Rotcod Zzag, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"Her voice may recall Peggy Lee: attractively husky in a way that, in the less sunny selections suggests vulnerability or, depending on the song, a wounded but valiant spirit...  the cheery theme from the 1960s TV sitcom "Bewitched," with the rarely heard lyric... it's a charmer—a word that can pretty much apply to the singer herself and her set of songs. Pianist Gregory Toroian's expert and sensitive arrangements are supportively with her phrase by phrase, very much painting mood pictures exquisitely, especially on "Laura"... Emotion, especially yearning, comes through in the several tracks that have the songstress crooning in French...  "Mr. Wonderful" is Suzanna Ross at her cozy, caring best... I am a bit more bewitched with every spin of this set." Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway

"Her joyful and communicative voice conveys a good feeling to the entire record, together with the band, very good at filling the performances with swing - the understanding is perfect. It is a combination of factors that makes listening enjoyable. A beautiful soundtrack for the upcoming summer," MusicZoom, Italy (Google translation)

"No matter the material, Ross knows how to effectively approach it. She has produced an impressive first recording," Joe Lang, July-August 2020 issue, Jersey Jazz

"One fine voice sharing many favorite songs...this is a fine intimate conversation with a solid artist," Grady Harp, Amazon

 "You are in for a treat with this new show, Bewitched....a song for every taste." Theater Pizzazz

"A magical journey... passionate,"  Broadway World